Thailand Travel Guide | Places to Visit in Thailand

Today we will talk about Thailand travel. Thailand is a great country. I think the cost is relatively low. They understand English very well. Especially people are able to understand English without average or local language. So you have to continue to communicate with the travel experience. Thailand has both city-centric and seafront beauty. The city of Bangkok loved me so much that. I want to choose Thailand as my second home.

Some information about Thailand

Country: Thailand

Capital: Bangkok

Currency: Thai Bhat – 2.67 BDT

Area: 513,120 km²

Population: 6.8 Crore

Uber: Available

Religion: Buddhism

Airport: Suvarnabhumi Airport

Weather Average: 28 Degree C

Thailand travel expenses

Thailand travel costs about two and a half times less than Singapore. In fact, much less cost is in Thailand. But I think foreign travel is never in the budget. Because you can understand when you go abroad. At least for me, foreign travel means a little-relaxed travel and trouble-free travel. So the cost will depend on you. I’ve accessed a lot of things that were not needed at all. Because I want to travel, the opportunity to gain experience. Check out what I get in front of me. And one thing is that if the group tours, the cost will be much lower.

Thailand travel experience and Some spectacular place

Thailand’s Tiger Park Like to feel good. There are many tigers here. I made a picture with the tiger.

Like the picture, various types of cosmos and sea surround this country. Although Bangkok is a modern city, many kings have built many palatial entities in this city. In addition to the existing modern building of Bangkok, these old-fashioned houses are also standing with an unmatched beauty to meet your eyebrows. There is also the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, and on the banks of this river, the palace-grand palace across a huge area.

The palace has to go through the green grass in the green grass. The palace wrapped in gold is wonderful. Once held here, all the activities of Thailand were controlled. Now even though it has been covered under a protected deployment. If you look behind this palace, you can see the Bhat or Temple.

Royal chapel is very popular among numerous temples. There are many precious Gautama Buddha statues here. There are huge monarchs nearby. In this mandate again, the largest magnificent Buddhist statue of the whole world is again. The statue is 46 meters deep in gold feet.

The Mandal Palace is located in the heart of the temple, marble palaces to Ayutthaya. Also an impressive temple such as Watt rajnadha, Wat bounty, Great Uma Devi Temple Thailand, If you want to see the crocodile, you will have to leave Samut Prakan Thailand, 27 kilometers away from Bangkok.

Here is a crocodile project. With an eye of surprise, almost 30 thousand crocodiles will see the footprints of this project. Livestock-Rose Garden of Thailand’s own cultural program is located 90 kilometers away from the city. The Kwai river next to it. The bridge was written in the center of the famous novel ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai.

How to go

From Kolkata to Thai Airways, Air India will fly directly to the bank while riding on the plane. At present, various private travel agencies in the country are now giving you the opportunity to visit Malaysia at a very low cost under their package excursion.

Where to stay

There are lots of big hotel hotels for your night to stay throughout the city. From the airport, you will be able to find hotel name information, inquiries about costs.

How to spell

AC buses, trains, trams, taxis, everything from common city buses to all. There are also auto rickshaws. Besides, if you want to rent motorbikes.


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