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Top 5 Things to See in Ecuador

One of the smaller South American countries, Ecuador offers a range of travel experiences, though Galapagos cruises are often the most common. However, spend a few extra days or weeks in this compact destination and try additional activities beyond your luxury cruise – including jungle excursions, market shopping. Here are 5 things not to miss.

Galapagos cruises

for many, a luxury cruise in the Galapagos Islands is the ultimate dream and reason for visiting Ecuador in the first place. With so many islands to explore, Galapagos cruises offer the perfect way to uncover the smaller islands. In addition, so the experience is great for learning about nature as well as seeing it first-hand.

Volcano Climbing

Ecuador is home to several large volcanoes, both on the mainland. It is an impressive sight towering from the farmlands below, but for the more adventurous, a challenging two day hike allows you to look into the crater for a unique experience.

Visit the Amazon

More accessible than the Amazon area in Brazil, visit the Amazon from the area around Tena in Ecuador for a fascinating insight into the jungle – learning about the indigenous plants that locals use, seeing a variety of wildlife. Canoeing along the river at a leisurely pace – this is an experience not to miss in Ecuador and you can make it as adventurous or relaxing as you wish.

White Water Rafting

If you haven’t had your fill of adventure in the Amazon or climbing volcanoes, stay longer in the Tena area – Ecuador’s capital for the adrenalin sports of white water rafting and kayaking! As the region on the junction of the Rio Tena and Rio Pao, there are ample opportunities to participate in these water sports with several operators in the area able to arrange a tour for you.

Shop at Otavalo Market

If adventure sports are not your thing, and you fancy taking home a local souvenir of Ecuador after your luxury cruise. Artisans from all over the country come here to sell their wares so you are sure to fill your suitcase with gifts, including artwork, jewellery, hammocks and more.

Bird Watching – An Ultimate Vacation Activity

Different people love different activities. Some like adventurous activities whereas others appreciate calm and quiet affairs. Bird watching is an interesting activity that interests many people. These people love to watch the activities of birds from the comfort of their homes or hotel rooms. Some people are so passionate about seeing birds that they go extra miles just to see different species of birds and spend hours in identity these different varieties and species. Are you one sharing the same excitement and enthusiasm about bird watching? If your answer is yes then, the small country of Ecuador is calling you!

Ecuador is a heaven on this earth. Here, you can find so much that you haven’t imagined in your dreams. The beauty of the Mother Nature can be witnessed exactly in its raw form. Not only bird watchers but the country is a destination of excitement for everyone who desires to see something different.

In Ecuador tours, bird watchers can do so many things. They can get new challenges that will change their outlooks and understanding of the love for birds. In addition, where else on this earth you will find a place where bird watching costs you very minimal? Well! On your Ecuador travel, you will get a wealth of rare species of birds in different colors, sizes, and feathers. If you have a flair for exploring different species of birds and collect information about them.


Complete Guide For Indonesia travelling

In Indonesia, one can assure that there is completely no need to compromise the religion for fun and unforgettable excitement. It is undeniable that there are loads of reasons for this claim. Listed below are some:

As said, Indonesia gives home to the biggest number of Muslims in the world. This makes Islam as the primary religion in the country.

Therefore, a lot of mosques are easily accessed by the travelers. There is no more need to brush through cities and villages (which is often the case in other non-Muslim countries) just to practice their faith. Religious convenience is practically guaranteed in Indonesia.

The Muslim doctrine states certain prohibitions about food.

According to the Holy Quran, forbidden dishes contain pork, blood, alcohol, carrion and those which were slaughtered in a rather harsh manner. These dining venues follows the rules set so one can freely eat whatever they want there.

While the population of Muslims around the world is enormous, there are still countries in which they compose the minorities.

Sometimes, such setup affects the interests of Muslim travelers. That is why Indonesia is guaranteed to be a very great place for these people because in there, they will feel belonged. It really does make wonder for travelers when they go to places where locals share their beliefs. It makes easing up a lot easier, and it feels great to not feel different in a foreign place.

Travelers’ Halal holidays are best spent in Indonesia, where majority of the people know what these jetsetters are celebrating.

That is the basis for a meaningful event, after all – seeing many people take part of something that has to be done empowers one’s determination to actually do what is supposed to be done. Most Halal holidays require fasting which is quite difficult to go through alone. In Indonesia though, one wouldn’t feel that way knowing that there are a lot others who do the same.

Love Your Way Around Bali

The release of the movie Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts this August is sure to start a lot of women thinking about what they really want from life and if they are happy with their current situation. The film is a true story based on the memoirs of the same name by Elizabeth Gilbert. Gilbert escapes an unhappy marriage and travels to Italy, India and Indonesia in an attempt to find true balance and harmony in her life physically, spiritually and emotionally.

It is in Bali, Indonesia that the story is wrapped up – Liz finally finds peace within herself and after six months of self-imposed abstinence, finds true love in the shape of Filipe – a Brazilian ex-pat who later becomes her husband.

In fact people have been turning to Bali for physical and mental relaxation as well as spiritual enlightenment for many years and the island is the ideal place for anyone looking for a relaxing holiday balanced with some real food for the soul. Bali offers all that you would expect from a tropical holiday destination – beautiful white sand beaches, fantastic food and drink, accommodation ranging from simple inexpensive bungalows to five star resorts and there is certainly no shortage of sightseeing opportunities.

Many people choose just to treat the island as a great location for a beach holiday but it has so much more to offer. The Balinese people follow a devout form of Hinduism and this important part of everyday life is impossible to ignore in the thousands of temples that dot the island and the daily offering ritual that can be observed anywhere on the island. This strong culture and religion provides the perfect backdrop for anyone looking for a spiritual escape.

As well as attending temple ceremonies and getting to know the locals (who are more than happy to involve outsiders in their culture), visitors to Bali can take part in meditation and yoga classes either as and when they feel like it or on a full-time yoga retreat.


Top Tips for Traveling to Europe

Visiting Europe every year and finding something new every time is no exaggeration. With a continent being so diverse, each of the country is incredibly unique and different from the other. Summertime for most of us is the ideal time to prepare a bag pack and make the best memories of our lifetime. To do so, there can be no better travel destination than Europe. From spectacular beaches, amazing architecture, authentic coffee shops, wonderful people and great wines. Did we miss something here? Of course, the most adventurous hiking trails in Europe! West Highland Way, Mont Blanc and the Slovenian Mountain Trail are some of the most thrilling hikes in the continent. You may be out on an adventure, a family trip or honeymoon, the continent has the best of all worlds.

It all begins with the planning

When you’re planning a trip to the continent, it is wise to be flexible with your plans and sensibly pick up the season you wish to travel in. The fares to Europe are likely to be high, but you can save if you are traveling during the less popular seasons. Another important thing to keep in mind while you plan is to keep limited destinations as part of your trip. Many of us desire to cram multiple countries of Europe in one go because we might not get a chance to travel so frequently.

However, it might turn out to be very costly and tiring for you as a traveler. In the end, it may turn out to be a series of road trips, traffic jams, check-in and check-out at various hotels and footing a lot of travel bills. Did you actually set out on a journey for this reason? Iceland, England, Turkey, and Switzerland are some of the most loved destinations in Europe. On the other hand, Finland, Germany, Sweden, and Greece win the show in winters.

Hotel Booking

Most of us struggle to find the perfect hotels for ourselves when we begin to travel. When you begin searching for accommodation in Europe, it is important to know a little secret. The searches that appear on the first page are mostly the one that pays the highest commission to the website.  So before you haste to make a decision and book a costly accommodation for yourself, it is advisable that you look beyond the page one and explore other choices. This is especially helpful for people traveling in a limited budget. You’ll be surprised to find hotels which are comfortable for staying and offer excellent services.

Choose your hotel sensibly

If you are stuck between choosing a number of hotels in Europe and are traveling on a limited budget, it is best if you opt for the one that is not in isolation. It might be slightly higher priced, but you’ll end up wasting your time and money on traveling. Often when selecting hotels, we make a mistake of booking a cheaper hotel that is too far off from the main attractions of the city. It is never worth it!

Make Use of The Guidebooks

We are a generation of smartphones and tablets, so when given a choice of books we prefer to search online. While the internet may be flowing with free information, the accuracy is questionable. Try investing a little money on guidebooks because they’ll ensure you have an amazing holiday in Europe! Visit Camp Nou in Barcelona, Burano in Venice, River Thames in England, Duomo Roof in Milan and many more with the help of the guidebooks.

A Unique Paris Travel Guide

What I like about Paris are its graceful, elegant and majestic buildings, wonderful galleries and their famous palaces and churches. The place also has a lot of wonderful theme parks, gardens with lots of trees, great looking flowers and some of the world’s best bridges adding to the romantic atmosphere of the place.

If you’ve made your way to the visitor center, buy your tickets for their double Decker bus. In the tour, you will be allowed to rent headsets to listen to guided voiced tours with your own preferred language.

You can have tours that will guide you to the summit of the tower and you can choose to take the steps or have your way up with the help of an elevator. Never forget to bring your camera with you at the occasion and English speaking tour guides can offer you services at the booth.

Notre Dame is located in “Ile de la Cite” in the island of Seine. It is a grand old historical Cathedral and is probably the best looking one in the world. It is one of the must-sees in your itinerary and since it is free to visit, there is no way for you to miss it out.

The rooms are wide and the pieces of furniture are colored in black and dark red that gives the Hilton a feeling of royalty in its halls. Fitted with a large bed and with many windows, the rooms will surely make you relax and enjoy your stay while in Paris.

Paris Travel

From its blend of ancient and modern architecture to its cozy high-end cafes, there is certainly something to please everyone within the city’s walls. The city is almost circular in shape, surrounded by hills on all sides, and divided in half by the River Seine. There are 20 districts that make up the inner city, and each is numbered as its spirals clockwise from the 1st district. Stretching from the northern bank of the Seine are the government and business districts and the Marais and Bastille quarters. South of the river is the University of the Sorbonne, the main district for academics. The 1st six districts, found in the center of the city and clustered around the River Seine, are the location of the majority of tourist attractions. The suburbs found outside of the city’s walls are called La Banlieue, and they are mostly residential areas.

Sightseeing Attractions

The city of Paris is covered with museums, and, if you’re planning to take a day to visit as many as possible, it may be a good idea to purchase the Carte Musées et Monuments. This pass, which can be purchased through the city’s tourist office, covers admission to over seventy hotels within the city’s limits. If you prefer instead to visit only a few best museums Paris has to offer, you’ll absolutely want to check out The Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, the Centre Georges Pompidou, the Picasso Museum, the Rodin Museum, the Delacroix, the Invalides, the Carnavalet, and the Jeu de Paume. These museums can all be found in the city’s first seven districts. Paris is also the home to many fantastic landmarks. For just a brief tour of the wonders of Paris architecture, make sure to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Père-Lachaise Cemetery, the Catacombs, the Arc de Triomphe, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sacré Coeur, the Sainte Chapelle, the Pantheon, the Chateau de Versailles, and the Grand Arche de la Defense. However, keep in mind that you could spend weeks in Paris without ever seeing all of the sightseeing attractions that the city has to offer.


To go to Paris without shopping is impossible. Covered in high-end department stores, the fashion capital of the world lives up to its reputation. However, if you’re planning to shop in the city, come prepared to spend a decent chunk of money. Trendy, upscale restaurants can require advance reservations, and, often, the best places to eat are those corner cafes where you’ll find so many of the locals dining. The more tourist-oriented a restaurant is, the higher its prices will be. Paris is also a popular drinking city, and you don’t have to go far to find a bar or nightclub. There are many places that are popular amongst afternoon drinkers, such as the Bastille; however, most of Paris’ bars and nightclubs stay open until around 6 am.

Thailand Travel Guide | Places to Visit in Thailand

Today we will talk about Thailand travel. Thailand is a great country. I think the cost is relatively low. They understand English very well. Especially people are able to understand English without average or local language. So you have to continue to communicate with the travel experience. Thailand has both city-centric and seafront beauty. The city of Bangkok loved me so much that. I want to choose Thailand as my second home.

Some information about Thailand

Country: Thailand

Capital: Bangkok

Currency: Thai Bhat – 2.67 BDT

Area: 513,120 km²

Population: 6.8 Crore

Uber: Available

Religion: Buddhism

Airport: Suvarnabhumi Airport

Weather Average: 28 Degree C

Thailand travel expenses

Thailand travel costs about two and a half times less than Singapore. In fact, much less cost is in Thailand. But I think foreign travel is never in the budget. Because you can understand when you go abroad. At least for me, foreign travel means a little-relaxed travel and trouble-free travel. So the cost will depend on you. I’ve accessed a lot of things that were not needed at all. Because I want to travel, the opportunity to gain experience. Check out what I get in front of me. And one thing is that if the group tours, the cost will be much lower.

Thailand travel experience and Some spectacular place

Thailand’s Tiger Park Like to feel good. There are many tigers here. I made a picture with the tiger.

Like the picture, various types of cosmos and sea surround this country. Although Bangkok is a modern city, many kings have built many palatial entities in this city. In addition to the existing modern building of Bangkok, these old-fashioned houses are also standing with an unmatched beauty to meet your eyebrows. There is also the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, and on the banks of this river, the palace-grand palace across a huge area.

The palace has to go through the green grass in the green grass. The palace wrapped in gold is wonderful. Once held here, all the activities of Thailand were controlled. Now even though it has been covered under a protected deployment. If you look behind this palace, you can see the Bhat or Temple.

Royal chapel is very popular among numerous temples. There are many precious Gautama Buddha statues here. There are huge monarchs nearby. In this mandate again, the largest magnificent Buddhist statue of the whole world is again. The statue is 46 meters deep in gold feet.

The Mandal Palace is located in the heart of the temple, marble palaces to Ayutthaya. Also an impressive temple such as Watt rajnadha, Wat bounty, Great Uma Devi Temple Thailand, If you want to see the crocodile, you will have to leave Samut Prakan Thailand, 27 kilometers away from Bangkok.

Here is a crocodile project. With an eye of surprise, almost 30 thousand crocodiles will see the footprints of this project. Livestock-Rose Garden of Thailand’s own cultural program is located 90 kilometers away from the city. The Kwai river next to it. The bridge was written in the center of the famous novel ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai.

How to go

From Kolkata to Thai Airways, Air India will fly directly to the bank while riding on the plane. At present, various private travel agencies in the country are now giving you the opportunity to visit Malaysia at a very low cost under their package excursion.

Where to stay

There are lots of big hotel hotels for your night to stay throughout the city. From the airport, you will be able to find hotel name information, inquiries about costs.

How to spell

AC buses, trains, trams, taxis, everything from common city buses to all. There are also auto rickshaws. Besides, if you want to rent motorbikes.


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