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Top 5 Things to See in Ecuador

One of the smaller South American countries, Ecuador offers a range of travel experiences, though Galapagos cruises are often the most common. However, spend a few extra days or weeks in this compact destination and try additional activities beyond your luxury cruise – including jungle excursions, market shopping. Here are 5 things not to miss.

Galapagos cruises

for many, a luxury cruise in the Galapagos Islands is the ultimate dream and reason for visiting Ecuador in the first place. With so many islands to explore, Galapagos cruises offer the perfect way to uncover the smaller islands. In addition, so the experience is great for learning about nature as well as seeing it first-hand.

Volcano Climbing

Ecuador is home to several large volcanoes, both on the mainland. It is an impressive sight towering from the farmlands below, but for the more adventurous, a challenging two day hike allows you to look into the crater for a unique experience.

Visit the Amazon

More accessible than the Amazon area in Brazil, visit the Amazon from the area around Tena in Ecuador for a fascinating insight into the jungle – learning about the indigenous plants that locals use, seeing a variety of wildlife. Canoeing along the river at a leisurely pace – this is an experience not to miss in Ecuador and you can make it as adventurous or relaxing as you wish.

White Water Rafting

If you haven’t had your fill of adventure in the Amazon or climbing volcanoes, stay longer in the Tena area – Ecuador’s capital for the adrenalin sports of white water rafting and kayaking! As the region on the junction of the Rio Tena and Rio Pao, there are ample opportunities to participate in these water sports with several operators in the area able to arrange a tour for you.

Shop at Otavalo Market

If adventure sports are not your thing, and you fancy taking home a local souvenir of Ecuador after your luxury cruise. Artisans from all over the country come here to sell their wares so you are sure to fill your suitcase with gifts, including artwork, jewellery, hammocks and more.

Bird Watching – An Ultimate Vacation Activity

Different people love different activities. Some like adventurous activities whereas others appreciate calm and quiet affairs. Bird watching is an interesting activity that interests many people. These people love to watch the activities of birds from the comfort of their homes or hotel rooms. Some people are so passionate about seeing birds that they go extra miles just to see different species of birds and spend hours in identity these different varieties and species. Are you one sharing the same excitement and enthusiasm about bird watching? If your answer is yes then, the small country of Ecuador is calling you!

Ecuador is a heaven on this earth. Here, you can find so much that you haven’t imagined in your dreams. The beauty of the Mother Nature can be witnessed exactly in its raw form. Not only bird watchers but the country is a destination of excitement for everyone who desires to see something different.

In Ecuador tours, bird watchers can do so many things. They can get new challenges that will change their outlooks and understanding of the love for birds. In addition, where else on this earth you will find a place where bird watching costs you very minimal? Well! On your Ecuador travel, you will get a wealth of rare species of birds in different colors, sizes, and feathers. If you have a flair for exploring different species of birds and collect information about them.