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Complete Guide For Indonesia travelling

In Indonesia, one can assure that there is completely no need to compromise the religion for fun and unforgettable excitement. It is undeniable that there are loads of reasons for this claim. Listed below are some:

As said, Indonesia gives home to the biggest number of Muslims in the world. This makes Islam as the primary religion in the country.

Therefore, a lot of mosques are easily accessed by the travelers. There is no more need to brush through cities and villages (which is often the case in other non-Muslim countries) just to practice their faith. Religious convenience is practically guaranteed in Indonesia.

The Muslim doctrine states certain prohibitions about food.

According to the Holy Quran, forbidden dishes contain pork, blood, alcohol, carrion and those which were slaughtered in a rather harsh manner. These dining venues follows the rules set so one can freely eat whatever they want there.

While the population of Muslims around the world is enormous, there are still countries in which they compose the minorities.

Sometimes, such setup affects the interests of Muslim travelers. That is why Indonesia is guaranteed to be a very great place for these people because in there, they will feel belonged. It really does make wonder for travelers when they go to places where locals share their beliefs. It makes easing up a lot easier, and it feels great to not feel different in a foreign place.

Travelers’ Halal holidays are best spent in Indonesia, where majority of the people know what these jetsetters are celebrating.

That is the basis for a meaningful event, after all – seeing many people take part of something that has to be done empowers one’s determination to actually do what is supposed to be done. Most Halal holidays require fasting which is quite difficult to go through alone. In Indonesia though, one wouldn’t feel that way knowing that there are a lot others who do the same.

Love Your Way Around Bali

The release of the movie Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts this August is sure to start a lot of women thinking about what they really want from life and if they are happy with their current situation. The film is a true story based on the memoirs of the same name by Elizabeth Gilbert. Gilbert escapes an unhappy marriage and travels to Italy, India and Indonesia in an attempt to find true balance and harmony in her life physically, spiritually and emotionally.

It is in Bali, Indonesia that the story is wrapped up – Liz finally finds peace within herself and after six months of self-imposed abstinence, finds true love in the shape of Filipe – a Brazilian ex-pat who later becomes her husband.

In fact people have been turning to Bali for physical and mental relaxation as well as spiritual enlightenment for many years and the island is the ideal place for anyone looking for a relaxing holiday balanced with some real food for the soul. Bali offers all that you would expect from a tropical holiday destination – beautiful white sand beaches, fantastic food and drink, accommodation ranging from simple inexpensive bungalows to five star resorts and there is certainly no shortage of sightseeing opportunities.

Many people choose just to treat the island as a great location for a beach holiday but it has so much more to offer. The Balinese people follow a devout form of Hinduism and this important part of everyday life is impossible to ignore in the thousands of temples that dot the island and the daily offering ritual that can be observed anywhere on the island. This strong culture and religion provides the perfect backdrop for anyone looking for a spiritual escape.

As well as attending temple ceremonies and getting to know the locals (who are more than happy to involve outsiders in their culture), visitors to Bali can take part in meditation and yoga classes either as and when they feel like it or on a full-time yoga retreat.